Plan for the Future

Our City has no plan – none at all. The future of our City will never be secure without, at minimum, a five-year plan for our City. It is time for City Council to lay a plan for our home, Maple Heights.

Give Homeowners a Reason to Stay

Many residents talk about Maple being in decline. And why should they not? The only barometer of City health is looking out the window or walking down the street. But if the City adopted a 5/10/20-year plan, residents would have a reason to hope and practical steps to take.

With a plan in place, homeowners could look at the plan and do one of two things. First, if they liked the plan, they could decide to stick it out and work toward and pray for the well-being of their community. Second, if they did not like the vision, they would know that Maple Heights is not the place for them. Either way, they would be able to make an informed decision.

Maple Heights must craft a 5/10/20-year plan for the security of the City and its residents. With a plan our future will be secure.

Financial Stability

Any good business owner has a plan. That is how he decides when and whether to buy that new piece of equipment. The same is true of a city – you cannot make good financial decisions without a plan. City Council must move beyond the short-sighted “oh, no, there’s not enough money” approach to finances.

Once the City has decided on a direction and lays that out in a 5/10/20-year plan, Council will be equipped to make beneficial financial decisions. Furthermore, a plan will give Council objective measurements for the necessity and efficacy of expenditures, therefore eliminating waste.

Attract Businesses to Maple

Banks will not make an investment in a business without first seeing a plan. They need to protect the future of their investment. In the same way, businesses want to know that the location they choose for their business has a secure future.

As of now, what do prospective businesses see in Maple Heights? Are they able to see the benefits over the drawbacks?

A solid 5/10/20-year plan will give businesses the ability to decide with certainty that Maple Heights is a suitable location for their business. Moreover, as we move forward with our plan, the City will establish itself as a community with stability and integrity – two characteristics which will invite businesses to establish themselves here.