Maple Heights Primary Election

09 Sep

Maple Heights Mayor candidate Bill Brownlee's yard sign.

Who will be running for mayor in Maple Heights in November? The results of the mayoral primary are very close. Annette Blackwell has secured the first spot, but the second spot is a toss-up between Neomia Mitchell and myself:

  • Annette M. Blackwell: 510 (29 percent)
  • Bill Brownlee: 377 (21 percent)
  • Neomia Mitchell: 372 (21 percent)
  • Donald M. Grossmyer: 352 (20 percent)
  • Frank Rives: 155 (9 percent).

We are now awaiting the official results from the Board of Elections to see who will be advancing to the general election to be held November 3rd!

At the polls in Maple Heights

Maple Heights Mayor Candidate Bill Brownlee at the polls with one of his daughters.Yesterday, was lots of fun. It started early with Ruth and I getting out the door around 5:30am. We set up two polling locations before settling in at the Maple Heights High School. At that point in time, it was only 70 degrees!

The morning was very slow with only 16 voters coming to our location during the first two hours! We wondered whether the turnout was going to be drastically low. Then the election officials measured the boundaries and made us move. Then the sun came out and made us move again. Nevertheless, we had a good time hanging out with the other workers at the polls and goofing around. The Neomia Mitchell supporters were especially enjoyable.

If you came out to the polls, you may have noticed our logo. The rising star maple leaf was on everything: our signs, literature, balloons and pens. The rising star is a symbol of hope and opportunity. Maple Heights still has potential. With the right leadership, that potential can be realized.

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  1. Craig Timoneri November 30, 2015 at 9:33 am #

    I put your sign in my Frontroom picture window, under my United States Flag,, along with the Military Star, Thank you for running for Mayor , I was impressed with you when we met, you gave me a sense of Hope for our city of Maple Heights. Semper Fi

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