Homeowners are the backbone of Maple Heights. Therefore, it is important the City does all it can to protect the homeowner’s investment. You need to know that Maple Heights is a place you will want to live in the future.

Irresponsible Renters

At City Council meetings, I hear plenty of complaints about un-neighborly renters. Garbage, noise, unruly children, and overcrowded homes – the list goes on. These are not merely complaints, they are legitimate concerns. But what is the solution?

First, the City must defend law-abiding residents by being prepared to justly prosecute offenders. Maple Heights has ordinances addressing most of the concerns listed above. Now, the City must be prepared to take action to enforce these ordinances.

Second, the City must create an efficient and accessible means for residents to report problems. It helps no one when residents are unaware of their ability to help fix the problems on their street. Furthermore, it is discouraging to make a phone call and them wonder if anything is being done about it. We need a system in place that empowers residents to make a difference.

Third, the City must investigate the breakdown in reporting Section 8 Housing violations. Renters receiving “Section 8” housing assistance are required to meet certain conduct guidelines. However, the City has been unable to effectively report violations. Therefore, these renters are not being held accountable.

Unsightly and Foreclosed Properties

There are hundreds of unsightly properties throughout the City. Some have been foreclosed and some the banks have “walked away” from. Now they have been left unattended and have become a nuisance.

The City can work harder at locating and acquiring these orphaned properties and should do so. The sooner the City acts the sooner we can clean up your neighborhood and start filling these homes with law-abiding, tax-paying residents.

Do you want to stay?

That is a question on the hearts of many residents. And it’s a hard one to answer because no one is sure where the City it headed. Without a plan for Maple, we cannot offer residents any good reasons to stay.

If homeowners are the backbone of our community, then it needs to give them hope for the future. That is why Maple Heights needs to adopt a 5/10/20-year plan. This will give us stability and a real measure of success. And, with time, a community homeowners can be committed to.