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Bill Brownlee continues on his way to becoming the next mayor of Maple Heights

01 Oct
Bill Brownlee for Mayor of Maple Heights.

Now that we have come through the primary, it is time to focus on the general election. Election day is less than five weeks away. It’s a good thing we were already prepared for this day! There are many ways to get involved in the Maple Heights mayor’s race. Besides giving a donation, you can […]

Maple Heights Primary Election

09 Sep
Maple Heights Mayor candidate Bill Brownlee's yard sign.

Who will be running for mayor in Maple Heights in November? The results of the mayoral primary are very close. Annette Blackwell has secured the first spot, but the second spot is a toss-up between Neomia Mitchell and myself: Annette M. Blackwell: 510 (29 percent) Bill Brownlee: 377 (21 percent) Neomia Mitchell: 372 (21 percent) […]

Survey Shows Residents Distrust City Government, Don’t Want Taxes

04 Aug
Results of Poll asking voters their opinion of taxes in Maple Heights

On June 20th, I commissioned an automated phone poll to be conducted of the most frequent voters in the City. The results we interesting, but not very surprising. Residents are on the fence about new taxes and find little reason to believe that their tax dollars are well spent. Respondents were asked whether they would […]

Maple Heights Issue 99: Supporters, Opponents and Big Money

31 Oct
Protestors at traffic camera on Broadway Ave in Maple Heights.

It is well known that a group of residents got together a petition with over 700 valid signatures to have an amendment to the Maple Heights City Charter placed on the November ballot. Then when City Council didn’t bring it to a vote as required by the Ohio Constitution, the petitioners filed for a writ […]