Bill Brownlee continues on his way to becoming the next mayor of Maple Heights

01 Oct

Bill Brownlee for Mayor of Maple Heights. Now that we have come through the primary, it is time to focus on the general election. Election day is less than five weeks away. It’s a good thing we were already prepared for this day!

There are many ways to get involved in the Maple Heights mayor’s race. Besides giving a donation, you can go door-to-door, request a yard sign, or host a meet-and-greet. Each of these are valuable ways to assist in the effort of showing our community that there is hope.

Door-to-door Canvassing

This is the most important way that someone can volunteer their time. We need team members to walk the streets and share the message with neighbors in Maple Heights. Don’t worry, we have made it very easy for someone to make an impact with just two hours of their time. Contact us to find out how.

Request Your Yard Sign

This is perhaps the simplest way to help out – placing a yard sign on your property is very simple. This is especially helpful if you live in a high traffic area! Everyone who drives by sees your sign and is reminded that there is hope for Maple Heights. Reach out to us and we will add you to the list.

Host a Meet-and-greet

Make sure your neighbors have a chance to meet Bill Brownlee by host a meet-and-greet on your street. These meet-and-greets are simple – we do most of the work. You just have to show up! This provides your neighbors an opportunity to meet Bill in a more personal setting. Let us know that you want to host a meeting!

With your help and prayers, we will be successful in our efforts to bring hope to Maple Heights!


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