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Bill Brownlee continues on his way to becoming the next mayor of Maple Heights

01 Oct
Bill Brownlee for Mayor of Maple Heights.

Now that we have come through the primary, it is time to focus on the general election. Election day is less than five weeks away. It’s a good thing we were already prepared for this day! There are many ways to get involved in the Maple Heights mayor’s race. Besides giving a donation, you can […]

Maple Heights Primary Election

09 Sep
Maple Heights Mayor candidate Bill Brownlee's yard sign.

Who will be running for mayor in Maple Heights in November? The results of the mayoral primary are very close. Annette Blackwell has secured the first spot, but the second spot is a toss-up between Neomia Mitchell and myself: Annette M. Blackwell: 510 (29 percent) Bill Brownlee: 377 (21 percent) Neomia Mitchell: 372 (21 percent) […]

POLL: Maple Heights Residents Appreciate the Police, Unsure of City Officials

25 Aug
Results of Poll asking voters their opinion of taxes in Maple Heights

In the second poll of the summer, we took a different tack. We asked residents how they feel about various parts of the Maple Heights city government. We found that our hard-working police force is held in high esteem and that residents question whether city officials are acting in their best interests. Residents on the […]

Survey Shows Residents Distrust City Government, Don’t Want Taxes

04 Aug
Results of Poll asking voters their opinion of taxes in Maple Heights

On June 20th, I commissioned an automated phone poll to be conducted of the most frequent voters in the City. The results we interesting, but not very surprising. Residents are on the fence about new taxes and find little reason to believe that their tax dollars are well spent. Respondents were asked whether they would […]

Maple Heights Scorns Residents and City Charter When Approving 2015 Budget

26 Mar
Maple Heights City Official break trust with residents.

The Maple Heights City Charter states that “provision shall be made for public hearings upon the appropriation ordinance.” Nevertheless, Council passed the budget tonight without a single hearing or even opportunity for an open dialogue about the budget. This kind of behavior – which is typical – destroys the trust that the City needs to […]

Maple Heights 2015 Budget Presented

12 Mar
Cover sheet from the Maple Heights 2015 Budget

The 2015 Annual Appropriations (view document online) were presented this evening at a Special Council Meeting. This is equivalent to the budget for the City for the entire year. The administration has proposed a budget of roughly $17.5 million dollars. Last year, the City spent $21.7 million. According to the finance director, about $1 million […]

Leading from the Front – Pay Cuts For Elected Officials

05 Mar
An ordinance reducing the salaries of the Mayor and Council in the City of Maple Heights.

Ordinance 2015-09 was introduced last night (see video above). This legislation proposes to reduce the salaries of Council and the Mayor beginning in 2016. This measure would realize a cost savings of $37,000 for the City annually. Furthermore, it would show that we, as elected officials, are serious and willing to share in the pain […]