Already at Work

Bill has been involved in Maple since he and his family moved here in 2011. You may have even seen him around town, at community events or City Council meetings. Below are some of the ways that Bill is already at work protecting our future in Maple.

Maple Heights News

Logo for Maple Heights NewsIt did not take long for Bill to notice a distinct void in our City: no newspaper. Not only that but the City’s website was less that useful when seeking updated news and information. Maple Heights was in desperate need of a local news outlet.

That is what led Bill to create Maple Heights News. It is a resident-focused website that provides updated information about the City and community events. It is also a place to hear how you can be involved and to interact with other readers who care about their community.

Visit Maple Heights News to see how we can build a better community.

Building Relationships

Bill Brownlee addressing a group.Not even three months after buying their home in Maple, Bill started attending City Council meetings. It was something new to him and he wanted to see what was going on in the government of the City in which he now owned property.

He immediately began to build relationships by asking questions and listening to leaders share their input. He also began to speak out at meeting, delivering inspirational and humorous speeches geared at building a sense of community. Through this investment of time and effort, Bill has formed good relationships with other leaders in the City and gained a working understanding of city government.

Community Events

Bill 3Whether it is Music in the Park or the Memorial Day Parade, Bill and his family have immersed themselves in the life of the City. They have gone out of their way to build friendships and contribute to the sense of community in Maple Heights.

Bill believes that these events, both large and small, are pivotal to the success of our City. A city is only as strong as the ties between its residents, and these ties are greatly strengthened by community events. Whether laughing, learning or commemorating together, Bill has been there showing his care for our community.