Meet Bill Brownlee

Bill Brownlee and his family at the DARE Park in Maple HeightsPeople are often surprised when they hear all the different things I have done in my life. I have been a farmer, welder, Marine, preacher and small business owner in my short life. This varied experience has taught me many things and given me many skills. But perhaps most of all, it has developed in me an open-mindedness that has been a blessing to me in every endeavor.

Growing up on the farm

Bill grew up on the farm in Pennsylvania. His family raised pigs most of his young life and he learned a lot from it. Throughout the summers, he remembers many late nights in the workshop creating, building and repairing farmer equipment. “My dad was the kind of guy who thought he could do anything,” says Bill, “And he pretty much did.”

Bill attributes much of his engineering spirit to those days. “When we needed something, we sat down, figured it out, and built it. There was nothing more gratifying that finishing a project and watching it work.”

Serving our Country

In 2003, Bill answered his country’s call and joined the United States Marine Corps. Most of his days, he served as an “1141,” a Marine Corp electrician. On many occasions he was called upon to use his problem-solving skills to design a piece of gear or come up with a solution to a common problem. While serving as part of a convoy security platoon in Iraq, Bill used his farmer ingenuity and welding skills to design an IED trip-wire protection device for his convoy.

Serving the Community

Bill and his family moved to Maple Heights in 2011 and fixed up a foreclosed home. It wasn’t long before he noticed a hole in the community. “There was no local newspaper or any way to find out what is going on in the community,” says Bill. “That’s when I decided to use my web-design background to create a local news website.” In 2013, Maple Heights News was born.

Later that same year, Bill decided to run for Council. “I saw that the City needed more leadership and I thought I could fill that gap.” Since January 2014, Bill has been steadfastly protecting the future of Maple Heights.